Guidelines, recommendations, protocols, standards, created by the collective mind of professional medical associations, will be binding all over the place. The Chamber states readiness to take compliance control (credentialing, certification, participation in licensing). In an effort to move away from the current system of postgraduate education, which is archaic, inefficient and expensive, the Association will initiate work in this area as well.

National Medical Chamber. Activities

National Medical Chamber. Activities

The NMC is currently implementing a pilot project related to independent medical examination (IME) in order to build a legal, methodological and infrastructural framework for establishing this institution. The IME-establishing task is solved by the Federal Law 323-FZ On the Fundamentals of Public Health Protection in Russia (Art.58) as well as by the development of self-regulation of the healthcare industry. Amongst others, this solution prescribes the assessment of healthcare services in case of adverse outcomes as a method for resolving disputes between HCPs and patients, including pre-court resolution. Under this project, IME centers will be built in three pilot regions (Moscow, Smolensk and Lipetsk). The IME conducted by the NMC will beused for public control of healthcare outcomes and become a significant part of pre-court resolution of disputes between HCPs and patients (hereinafter, disputes).

The agreement intends to develop mechanisms for managing the industry and to improve organizational aspects through the public-private partnership—self-regulation of the healthcare industry. This cooperation is aimed at tackling the most pressing issues of the industry s development. Amongst others, such issues include improving the qualification of HCPs and developing continuous medical education. Providing access to quality resources and professional development is an especially topical issue for the HCPs in Russian regions, in particular, in remote rural areas.

The NMC launches public accreditation of educational institutions, and professional public accreditation of secondary vocational, higher and supplementary professional education (vocational training programs) as according to the previous cooperation agreement between the Russian Ministry of Health and the NMC. Relevant notifications have been sent to the Russian Ministry of Education and Science and the Russian Ministry of Health.

The Central Bank of Russia granted a license to the non-profit organization Medical Consumers Society of Mutual Insurance"for carrying out civil third party liability insurance in the form of voluntary insurance.The organization was established under the Association "Tyumen Regional Medical Society", which is part of the National Medical Chamber. It was established to implement a pilot project on insuring liability of medical organizations in the Urals Federal District.