Purpose and objectives of the Union of the medical community "National Medical Chamber"

The Union of the medical community "National Medical Chamber" (certificate of incorporation number 1107799011979) was set up in April 2010. The founders were 35 public and non-profit organizations, associations and professional associations.

National Medical Chamber –°ongress

National Medical Chamber Congress

The purpose of the National Medical Chamber is:

  • consolidation of the whole professional medical community in Russia on the principles of self-regulation to improve the health care system for population.
  • The main objectives of the National Medical Chamber are:
  • introduction of the self-regulation system in the professional activities on the principles of compulsory membership in medical associations;
  • representation of the interests of healthcare professionals - individuals involved in the Association before of the state and society;
  • contribution to the improvement of the health care system;
  • management of professional activities of doctors, medical assistants, nurses and nurse-midwives;
  • training and retraining of healthcare workforce in order to improve the quality of health care;
  • creation of the system of legal and judicial protection of healthcare professionals and health organizations;
  • regulation of ethical aspects of healthcare professionals activities when handling patients, juridical persons and other agents of the professional relationship.